Nightbreed – Vienna Lager beer: Promotional video

One more time we had the pleasure to collaborate with Macken Bryggeri for the latest beer release promo video. The concept is fully inspired by Clive Barker’s movie “Nightbreed”, which also is the name of the new beer Macken has just released.

Check all details bellow:

NIGHTBREED – Vienna Lager – OUT NOW!

Macken Bryggeri presents Nightbreed – Vienna Lager 5.5%vol.-

Currently available at Ölstugan Kungsholmen, Lådan, Krubb Telefon plan and Nordic Light Hotel. More places to be announced very soon.
You can also order it via Systembolaget privatimport:

“Let the mad find wisdom in their madness for the sane, and let the sane be grateful.”

– Clive Barker, Abarat: Absolute Midnight

ALEX HELLID – Baphomet
ANDRÉS FURUKAWA – Dr. Philip K. Decker

Concept & Screenplay by Andrés Furukawa
SFX Make-Up by Lindsay Telford Directed by Cintia Henriksson & Andrés Furukawa
Filmed by Cintia Henriksson
Edited by Andrés Furukawa
Cinematography by Cintia Henriksson
Lighting assistance by Emil Henriksson & Axel Johansson
Scenography by Oscar Leander

“Nightbrew” written by Jonathan Hultén
Arranged by Anders Björk
Performed by Stockholms Akademiska Orkester
Recorded by Linus Björklund & Emil Pettersson at Soundtrade Studios, Solna June 2019
Mastered by Linus Björklund at Hall Of Records, Stockholm July 2019

The producer would like to thank Stockholms Akademiska Orkester for its co-operation in the making of this video clip.

This video clip is homage to Nightbreed film (1990) and Cabal novella (1988) by Clive Barker.