I've born in Ferrol, a small city in the beautiful land called Galicia, situated in north-west of Iberian peninsula. Since I was a small kid I've been travelling around the world with my family, visiting and even living in diverse countries, which made me develop an intense interest on cultures, traditions, arts and photography from different places.

I love technology, photography, cinematography, and anything related with any of those. Also, I am a music, nature, sports, science and astrophysics passionate. I enjoy studying and learning new things every day.

I have studied Artistic Photography at the Art School Pablo Picasso and Lighting, Filming and Image Edition at IES Imaxe e Son, both in A Coruña (Galicia - Spain)
Since then I work as freelance photographer for any kind of photographic works.

After spending most of my life in Portugal, El Salvador, México and Galicia, now I live in Stockholm (Sweden)