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  • Vestre Sorken Feriegård (Drevsjø, Norway)

  • From Stockholm (Sweden) travelled to Norway, one of the most beautiful countries in Northern Europe, and we stayed in a very remote area called Vestre Sorken in Drevsjø. Formerly a traditional farm, some of the cottages on Vestre Sorken Feriegård have been welcoming guests for as long as 250 years, they are timber-b[...]
  • Roadtrip: Visingsö (Sweden)

  • We took our car and we drove from Stockholm down to Visingsö. I brought my Canon G16 with me and I took some low-key photographs capturing the atmosphere of this amazing place. Visingsö is an island in the southern half of Lake Vättern in Sweden. Visingsö lies 30 kilometres (19 miles) north of the city Jönköping an[...]
  • Océano V

  • "Todo lo oculto, todo lo misterioso, contribuye a lo horrible, Y por lo tanto, tiene capacidad para lo sublime" Friedrich Schiller (1793) Sobre lo Sublime