Vestre Sorken Feriegård (Drevsjø, Norway)

From Stockholm (Sweden) travelled to Norway, one of the most beautiful countries in Northern Europe, and we stayed in a very remote area called Vestre Sorken in Drevsjø.

Formerly a traditional farm, some of the cottages on Vestre Sorken Feriegård have been welcoming guests for as long as 250 years, they are timber-built and have rustic interiors, and now there is also a farm-museum in the oldest buildings of the farm. Listed as a cultural site, the farm is located in Engerdal on the shores of Lake Femunden.

I had the great opportunity to take photos of the farm, including certain areas which are usually not open for the public, thanks to the owner of this beautiful place who opened the doors for us and gave us a tour around. We were able to travel 250 years back in time while our visit, and enjoy the beautiful scenery while eating smoked fish, just recently prepared by him 🙂 So grateful for such hospitality.


I would totally recommend anyone to visit this place. Such a great experience.

More info: Visit Norway: Vestre Sorken Feriegard


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